• Can I purchase your flavorings for personal home use?
    Almost all of our products are for use in food processors, bread and confectionary manufacturers. We distribute our products for wholesale customers only and are not marketed for individual consumers.
  • Does Golden Kelly export flavorings to other countries?
    No, not at this moment. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the Food Sanitation Law of Japan, therefore domestic distribution only.
  • What type of food can Orchard and Rico series be used for?
    Products in Orchard and Rico series can be used for a wide variety of confectionaries such as baked goods, cold sweets, Western style confectionary, bread, Japanese style confectionary, jelly, cream fillings etc…
  • What are the properties of Orchard and Rico?
    All the products in Orchard and Rico series are liquid with some viscosity so that they can be easily used blend with other ingredients.
    (Viscosity varies depending on the food material in the series.)
  • Are the colorings that are used in Orchard and Rico series artificial, or natural?
    All natural.

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