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Over 100 years of history since 1920

History of Golden Kelly

1920 Sakaino Flavor Company, the foundation of current Golden Kelly, was established in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.
(Demarged from Matsuzawa Tsunekichi Store)
1947 Incorporated as Golden Kelly Flavor Co., Ltd. in Osaka.
1954 Relabeled to Golden Kelly Pat. Flavor., Ltd. Assigned whole shares to Sakaino Flavor Company.
(Operated as two entities - Tokyo for Fragrance, Osaka for Food Flavorings.)
1987 Transferred Head Office and factory to Osaka.
1991 Opened Tokyo Office in response to close of Sakaino Flavor Compaly.
1995 Increased capital up to ¥10,000,000
1996 Transferred Tokyo Office to Shinjyuku-ward.
2004 Obtained Food Additive GMP
2006 Transferred Tokyo Office to Nihonbashi, and built a new laboratory and test production facility.
Built an extension to Osaka factory.
2007 Renewed Osaka factory’s manufaturing system.
2010 Renovated Osaka Office Building
2011 Relocated Tokyo Office to East-Nihonbashi, Tokyo to scale up the research development division.
2012 Purchased bigger lot (250m North from current headquarter in Osaka) for business expansion.
2015 Obtained the “Monodukuri Subisdy” government grant to develop and manufacture our ALCOHOL & ANIMAL FREE products. Registered a trademark registration for ALCOHOL & ANIMAL FREE brand.
2020 Marks 100th anniversary.

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