Quality Control

GMP Quality Policy

Golden Kelly holds the high moral ground, with reliable quality control methods,
we strive to provide high quality products that we are proud of.

We assure customers secure product quality and production.

Food Additive GMP certified.

About GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice)
GMP is the recognition system that defined by the Japan Food Additives Association.
It certifies product quality and manufacturing practices.

On a daily basis, we undertake tasks to control our products, raw materials, and sanitary management based on the Food Additive GMP to provide our customers with safe and secure flavorings.
We are committed to manage all information from the arrival of raw materials to manufacturing and distribution in order to fullfill our customer’s traceability requirements.

9 Food Aditive GMP methods

There are following 9 methods in “Food Additive GMP”that are needed for manufacturing management and quality control of food aditives.

  • Implementation of employee training
  • Complete record keeping of all processes
  • Secure record keeping
  • Leadership taken by manufacturer
  • Set up corporate structure and management
  • Centralize quality information
  • Make a rulebook for control
  • Determine appropriate responses for any defects in quality
  • Check on GMP operation

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